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I started going for dental cleanings every three months — voila, no more problems.

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My dentist keeps complimenting me on how healthy my gums have remained, and I want that for you, too. Capricorn also rules skin, so you might want to see your dermatologist to see how to improve the quality of your complexion. You may also want to check your hearing, also ruled by Capricorn. Getting a baseline hearing test might be a good idea. Doctors have been alarmed by seeing young patients who are on their way to hearing loss because of turning up the volume when wearing their earphones.

One day, her doctor turned to me to ask, how about you, do you want to take the same test we are giving your mother? You can do it now instead of sitting in the waiting room as I have an extra technician who can do it.

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  • Afterward, it was exciting to be told I had the hearing of a newborn baby — perfect. Considering my eyes are far from perfect, this news was comforting! Are you in the market for a new apartment or house to buy or rent? Or, are you considering a renovation or making a new design to your home? Or, would you like to nd a compatible roommate to share your space? If so, you would do well to harness the remarkable aspect coming on January 5- 6 for home and family matters. The aspect will be Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, lighting your fourth house of home. Mars and Jupiter meet every two years, but always in a different sign.

    The last time these two powerful planets met in Scorpio and your solar home and family sector, it was August 8, Clearly, January 5- 6 will be very special, for Mars is the planet of action, and Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck. You will also have luck in regard to your parents.

    This might come from family support, say, in terms of hearing that your parent will give you a loan or outright gift for a deposit or down payment on your new house, condo, or rental, for example. Conversely, if you have been looking for a solution to help your parent or other family member who needs your attention, on one of these two days, January 5 or January 6, the ideal option may surface. It is quite a brilliant ve- star day. You have another dazzling day, January 8, when Jupiter and the Sun will work in sync and again, the area of gain will be your home.

    As a Leo, the Sun is your ruling star, so this aspect, while a happy one for everyone, will be weighted doubly bene cial for you.

    With fortunate Jupiter working with your ruling star on your behalf, real estate matters, and one involving work projects and assignments, should go well. That string of days, from January 5 through January 8, will be enchanting for you, and you have one more — January 9, when Venus and Mars will get into the act too, and bring more luck with work and real estate matters. The month will end with a major event — a lunar eclipse, January 31 in Leo, 12 degrees, putting you in the spotlight and bringing to culmination something that is dearly important to you.

    Something dearly important to you is coming to critical mass, and you might make a decision. It might be about whether to get engaged or married now, about a present partner, or about a business partner, agent, manager, or other person you will collaborate closely with on a certain goal. By January 26, Mars will enter your fth house of true love when Mars moves to Sagittarius, to remain until April 8, giving a big boost to your romantic life.

    Leo: Kick Up Your Heels

    I love that Mars will be in precisely the right place to help your romantic life, for Mars will be friendly to this eclipse, a good sign that you are likely to bene t from what happens at this time. Think back to January 31, — you may get a clue of the theme that will come up now, for eclipses repeat to exact sign and degree every 19 years. If your birthday falls on August 3, plus or minus ve days, this eclipse will bring a message to you. The same is true if you have Leo rising at 11 degrees, or a natal moon in Leo at that degree, plus or minus ve degrees. If you have your chart, look to see if you have a natal planet in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at 11 degrees, plus or minus ve degrees.

    If so, that natal planet of yours too will light up too in a dazzling way.

    One last word: Last month, on December 20, Saturn left Sagittarius and nally released your love life to happier days. For three years, you found that your love life must have been subject to occasional or continual enforced separations. Your sweetheart may have lived far from your home geographically, or may have had the kind of work or study program that required long hours or travel.

    Celebrity Astrologer Susan Miller Believes Trump Won't Run In 2020

    Or, you may have waited for your partner to leave a marriage to be available to you. I am not sure if you decided to stay with the person you are dating or if the conditions nally improved. Perhaps your long-distance romance turned better when you or your partner moved to the same city, or that your partner nally did get that divorce. It is also possible that you decided to leave a relationship, exhausted by the separations.

    No matter what you went through, you learned a lot, and bright blue skies lie ahead. January will be a strenuous month at work, so nd frequent ways to treat your body, mind, and spirit with care. The full moon on January 1 might well nd you longing to crawl under the covers, content to stay there for two days. You may need to catch up on sleep, so if you feel the need, give in. Saturn is now in Capricorn, which rules bones and teeth, so ask your doctor whether you should take calcium pills or change your diet to bolster this mineral, as Saturn is known to drain calcium reserves.

    At work, especially at the new moon, January 16, six heavenly bodies will stack up in your sixth house, and you will see many projects come to your desk.

    I am Leo, My Lover is Taurus - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

    You may want to streamline your assignments by building a strategy and forming a structure to handle all the incoming work. You may need to hire staff to keep projects moving forward, but you may discover that quali ed, hard-working recruits are hard to nd. Saturn in the sixth house commonly brings on this frustrating situation, so you will need to think ahead, by saving resumes sent to you by interested workers, and by asking friends and colleagues for recommendations for suitable candidates. Six planets in Capricorn will require you to be realistic, practical, and cost- conscious in deciding how to handle the projects that will come to you.

    You may nd that proper estimates and appropriation of funds consume most of your time. Uranus will be at hard angles to this new moon, so tension will be evident around you. You may have a legal matter to solve, or if you work in the international arena, a sudden dif culty from afar.

    Or it may be that a key relationship will reach an important culmination. Eclipses mark times of major decision points, with the choice to draw close or to leave — you will be asked to make a clear choice. Another part of this question is whether you feel happier blending in with a group or expressing your individuality, separate from others — with this full moon in Leo, your own idiosyncratic talents and proclivities will win out.

    This eclipse is on your side, dear Leo, and a far more improved life lies ahead. Marque por contenido inapropiado. Carrusel Anterior Carrusel Siguiente.


    The radiological assessment of ectopic lower third molars. Buscar dentro del documento. Summary January will be a strenuous month at work, so nd frequent ways to treat your body, mind, and spirit with care. Mohd Salahuddin. Going to interesting cultural events and discovering new restaurants refreshes both of you. You share a love of the good life, and while you may not have a fat savings account, you two will certainly have fun. Sexually, fire -sign Leo brings passion to air -sign Libra.

    Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

    Too often you let your head rule your heart, and your Leo is bent on changing all that. Their powerful self-confidence impresses you, and is very sexy. They feel lovemaking is one of the lost arts, and thank goodness for that! Libras keep up their appearance so there are no old sweat suits or tattered T-shirts on you in bed. Your respect for yourself is noticed and appreciated by your Leo lover.

    Go right ahead, Libra. Continue Reading. Try Another Match I am a My match is New Articles from Susan.