Taurus horoscope for december 7

Search for a creative outlet to release stress but also to stay tuned into your dreams and feelings. Check out your zodiac sign below for your daily astrology horoscope for today, Monday, October 7th, Aries, make time for your friendships but also don't overextend yourself. Today's Moon in Aquarius opens the door to freely expressing yourself and being in the limelight when around others.

However, today's Moon harmonizing with Mars in Libra can make it difficult to find the right balance between work and play. Taurus, work smarter. You may be starting something new today and want to really show off your stuff. Impressing someone with your mad skills is always desirable, but at the same time, it's great when you can simply let the process of your work ethic speak for itself. Today's Moon square Venus makes it clear that balance is still the ticket to your success with time. Gemini, you are starting to see your life in a new way. You might not know how the future will play out, but the seeds are planted and your curiosity can help you to discover which opportunities to take advantage of first.

Today's Moon square Mercury can make it harder for you to talk over your ideas with a friend interruption-free. Still, do what you can to bounce your ideas around and figure your options out. Cancer, life is about decisions, both big and small. You have an opportunity to find what you need and get access to resources that others can share with you.

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If you're searching for help, need assistance, or thought you had to go it alone, thinking outside of the box, asking for help and looking for people to support you is the way to go. Leo, good luck is here for you. You are ready to start towards a new venture. You might have your plans in place and simply need to implement them. The ideas can flow and become so big you'll wish you had time to do them all.

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Due to Jupiter's relationship with your ruling planet with the Sun, today, it's best to take small steps instead of leaping in with both feet and not knowing for sure how you will land. Virgo, the systems in place right now can help you to structure your own plans. You can learn from someone who has already walked a mile in your shoes. If you know people who have connections, perhaps you can request an introduction from one of them.

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Your ability to find the luck-meets-opportunity-moment won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile does. Libra, it's time to get creative to help you think up a new idea or to get inspired! You never know what can happen when you allow a bit of play to enter your day. You might not like to change your routine around on such short notice, but perhaps a little deviation from your everyday pace will be good for your mind.

Scorpio, you are a superstar. You are really motivated and driven today. Your ability to transform a grim situation makes you an invaluable player at your job.


If you are trying to make a good, solid impression, stick with a strong work ethic as today's energies support success in your efforts. Sagittarius, two amazing opportunities can open up for you and you may wish you could explore them both. You could receive good news or several job offers and wonder which one to choose.

Your Daily Horoscope for Friday, December 7

Your opportunities to grow are endless this week, as the Sun and Jupiter activate one another sparking good fortune in your personal and professional life. Capricorn, keep your mind sharp. Be a student of life. Read good books. Watch and listen to people in the know. You're coming from a strong position and unlikely to modify it, especially if finances or emotions are involved.

Be careful; before you know it, all could become explosive at the drop of a hat. Tonight: Keep a strong sense of direction. LEO July Aug. Defer to others while knowing full well where you're going with a project. You know what you want to achieve. You also understand that you might have to break away from your conventional, traditional paths. The end results could delight you. Tonight: Toss restrictive thinking.

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Understand where you're coming from before you leap into action. You might be uncomfortable with what you're being asked to do, but you'll do it, just like the good soldier you are.

Love and Compatibility for December 7 Zodiac

Tonight: Try to avoid fussiness. You can do nearly anything, if you so choose. Your sense of humor comes out when dealing with a child or a new friend. A partner could stun you about a financial matter, but know that all could change just as quickly. Tonight: Teamwork proves rewarding. Stay on top of whatever project you're doing. Your enduring energy is charged by a surprise.

Your fiery response could be a little out of whack. Try to tame your knee-jerk reactions. Tonight: Make time for an older person. You say what you think, but be prepared -- others respond in a similar manner. A friend could be bellicose and touchy at first but settles in.

inimtiminut.cf You might be surprised by yet another person's chilliness. Tonight: Favorite spot, favorite person.

Taurus Career Horoscope

Be aware of the costs of continuing as you have been. You could have an unexpected realization that floors you. You have some thinking to do, though your inclination might be to start a volley of words. Tonight: Keep to your budget.