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Note that your birthday month officially drops on the 23rd. But in the meantime, the Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th could be one of your most emotional and inspirational days of September, as the stars are in constant communication with one another all day long. You're in the midst of powerful transformation, bb.

Your love life takes an amazing turn for the gorgeous starting at midmonth when your ruling planet Venus enters your stars, lighting up your life through early October. Saturn, the planet of sturdy structures, finally comes out of retrograde on the 18th, allowing you to feel more rooted and secure all around.

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The ultimate moment of bliss arrives on the New Moon in your stars on the 28th. This phenomenal lunation asks you to set intentions for your next six months.

Focus intently on love, peace, beauty and partnership. Autumn is off to a truly brilliant start, angel! All signs monthly horoscopes.

What the stars say about Libra

Libra personality profile. Search News Search web. This list of characteristics perfectly matches: gladiolus. This star sign is associated with everything that is light and amiable, and with all light colours, particularly pink.

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The gladiolus is a perfect visual match: the soft petals with their flaring, wavy edges look a bit like those of a dress. The gladiolus also symbolises strength, victory and pride. That meaning dates back to Roman times, when gladiators in the arena literally fought to the death and the survivor was rewarded with gladioli.

go to site It'll be a game-changer for your quality of life. Career shifts are also happening, and they look positive, but you might feel so pulled toward family life that it'll be a challenge to balance everything. The Solar Eclipse on July 2 will land at the top of your chart opposite Saturn.

There might also be a stressful situation to deal with connected to an older relative or someone who has been sick, pulling you away from this opportunity.

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It's only temporary. As far are your relationship goes, since Uranus has been moving through your partnership sector, prompting the need for greater freedom between you and your mate. This might have completely awoken you and your partner to the things in your relationship that needed to change, but at the same time, it has been a very unstable influence.


Happily, after March 6 Uranus leaves this area of your chart for good. A marriage or relationship that continues to honor each partner's individuality will thrive.