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Whatever occurs to you, imagine that THAT is the Universe giving you a new idea it wants you to undertake. It can all be resurrected, and maybe serve a purpose in your adult world now. Revel in childlike wonder by taking a walk down Memory Lane, take a break from your cares and strife.

Weekly Horoscope

The Nine of Swords hints you have been over-thinking something, worrying internally but not expressing those concerns. Get to it. Inspiring plans can be made now…. The Seven of Wands hints at competing forces demanding your time and attention, so be conscious and considerate of how much you mean to others.

Wish-come-true kind of opportunities. Karma is ready to pay you a visit, in a good way! Judgment is a powerful card about accepting and atoning for our role in things, and processing the past properly. Only then, can we turn our gaze fully to the future. Yuletide is a time of reflection and self care, reminding ourselves of what we have to be grateful for, celebrating our life, sharing our prosperity with others and treating ourselves.

The Five of Coins is all about loss, and the lingering emotions that echo in our lives as a result. You may feel a little sad or emotional this week, acknowledge the feelings but then smile and let your gaze be led by the Page and Ten of Cups to the people, things and places you have in your life now, which bring you joy. Sex Jul 17, Your sex drive's feelin' like a werewolf right about now. Monthly Horoscopes Jul 1, Monthly Horoscopes Jun 17, Monthly Horoscopes Jun 7, Relationships May 24, Don't shoot the messenger!

The Month Ahead for Taurus

Unless you're a Sagittarius. Entertainment May 21, Monthly Horoscopes May 20, Relationships May 17, During these seven days, a family-related event will seriously engage your attention or your family budget like spending money. A news or suggestion from a colleague, neighbor, or customer will surprise you.


This week, your greater emotions will be the cause for more experiences, desires and aspirations related to your love life. Some specific events will allow you to show your feelings in a natural way without any pretense.

Daily Snapshots for September 23–29, 12222:

You will definitely be very sensitive, romantic, hungry for love and attention this week. Throughout the week, you will be watching and commenting on various events related to people living in another city or state. Avoid creating or distributing gossip, unverified information based on different assumptions. Taurus women will be delighted with a news or document that has been worrying or creating some confusion in recent months.


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Men will consider an offer or opportunity to receive a benefit through some document or contract. Your financial relationships with people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will have a good development.

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