February 10 2020 harvest moon astrology

So full moon February brings exciting opportunities that will make you feel more alive and free. Many separate things which have confused, scared or depressed you will seem to come together and make sense.

This Week in Astrology: Full Harvest Moon

It should restore your faith that God, or the Universe, does have a plan for you. Is there going to be a second Government shutdown, realized come Feb. And Trump, with his battered reputation appears less and less on track as a two term President? Oh yes, I had not realized that when I wrote this post.

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Even if there is not a shutdown I am sure he will feature prominently in the news. Thanks for the lunar posts. Should I still consider this as a positive full moon despite been square my sun 2 degrees orb , or maybe a challenging moon with positive results? When I do my own transits I use a maximum of one degree orb and that includes for moon phases. So I would consider this as a positive full moon for you. Does anybody know if that is parallel or inconjunct the full moon or no? Hi Mitch. Your Mercury is actually semisextile the full moon. It creates subtle but positive links.

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I wonder if this is true. They are the seen as another kind of inconjunct. Planets that make these aspects are not seen by each other thus create an irritation. There is a big trust element to these aspects. What do you think?! Hi Lavonne. I would focus on Moon conjunct Midheaven transit. That is the strongest part of your chart being affected by far, especially with Regulus culminating in your chart. You will have to balance home and work but the main focus should be your career and public profile.

I have natal Pluto at 0. Hi Lynn. See Moon conjunct Pluto transit. Hi Jamie, I truly enjoy your work and want you to know I recommend you to everyone. I would love to help further your mission to no cost to you at all. I will set everything up, interview you, add value in another way, volunteer services to your audience or to you…. I just want to add value to your mission because i respect your work. You are my goto and have for years because you are so thorough and accurate!! Not to mention compassionate and easy to understand. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Blessings to you and your family. Yes, much-deserved kudos, Jamie, you were even in the awesome Astrology on the Web. A happy Supermoon to all, and blessings of the true King, our Christ. How do you mindless sheep live with yourselves? I would know, unlike most people who talk shit about California, I actually live here. Jupiter is super strong this month, especially for those of you born after 14 December. Jupiter is in a hurry to sign off projects and get things moving, but if you can wait until the new Moon of the 26th, so much the better.

One minor danger with Jupiter is that you take things for granted, as normal rather than just grand! Hoover up the invitations to get out and present yourself to all and sundry with Sagittarian grandeur without becoming a pantomime horse, obviously. Polish your aura but keep your tone moderate. Along with MRS, Jupiter continues to accentuate the collective; teams, committees, meetings. If you want to assume command, rather than being the voice of truth heckling from the back, the way is open. Work and money may loom like thunderclouds, but just for now, you have to be true to your disobedient, wayward self — you can catch up with the formal stuff after Jupiter has moved on at December 3.

Somewhere in the valley below a solitary church bell is tolling. Is it an augury of doom or welcome? Or has the digital bell in the belfry simply gone haywire during Mercury retrograde? You get a taste of all three scenarios in November. The upcoming rare confluence of planets in your sign lends a feeling of destiny to your birthday season; big events, big decisions. The sort of stuff for which Capricorns were born. Step down from those giddy heights for a moment and deal with three weeks of Mercury retrograde in misty Scorpio, a sign that emphasises your group involvements; workmates, collectives, committees, gatherings of every stripe.

Best expect an element of heel-dragging amongst your compadres therefore. The brakes come off at the 21st when Mercury moves forwards and Mars takes over to lead your team to glory. At the other end of the Scorpio action remains Prometheus in Taurus, signalling excitement in your more personal life. The Taurus full Moon of November 12th is a time to be out and about for singletons. As ever at this time of year, there is planetary action behind the scenes in Sagittarius, with a new Moon there on November Cut yourself some slack in the run-up to Christmas.

After a month of congenial earthy Virgo, the sharper spurs of Libra are kicking in.

The new Moon in the Scales on September 28, and the arrival of warrior Mars on October 4 are signals to a move on, especially since a retrograde of Mercury looms in November. You have, of course, Saturn and Pluto in your sign also urging you onwards to world domination, or at least financial and spiritual survival. As for Pluto, worry about it when and if he comes calling.

Tough decisions may be called for, though time-frame is over the next few months rather than weeks. The solution, of course, is to find a just balance between the two. Patience and persistence — Aquarian virtues — help. So too should planets in fiery Sagittarius, signalling strong support from your team and your fellow travellers.

Venus and Jupiter both favour a charm offensive among your network. Office romance anyone? The 5th and 6th put you favourably in the limelight. Things get more decisive and exciting with the season of Sagittarius, starting on the 23rd and quickly accelerating into a mixture of challenge and good fortune. No harm in asking others for favours.

The Taurus full Moon of the 12th shines light on your domestic arrangements, and here too, a radical rather than routine solution may present itself. The need for respite from the fray remains under emphasis, thanks to your traditional ruler, Saturn, staying behind the scenes. Contrary to some descriptions of your sign as that of fanciful dreamers, Pisceans are just as capable of practical, effective action as any other sign.

Just as well, since you are likely to face a few awkward questions in November; financial issues, promises you made in October that are called in. The Scorpio new Moon of October 28 nonetheless promises a fruitful month, with your outreach to foreign shores and distant friends enhanced. Those of you in education and charity work are likewise favoured. Show business is another option. Charm, and your Piscean ability to navigate choppy waters with canny ease, work wonders. Play to the gallery. Romantics take note. New encounters may have an unorthodox quality, not least around the full Moon of November The almost full Moon of the 9th and 10th makes for a heady weekend; if you can turn rivalry into mutual attraction you could make a breakthrough.

Mars moves on at the 19th, whether disputes especially over money can do the same is open to ongoing negotiation. Concurrent with the deep and meaningful stuff in Scorpio and Libra is the razzle dazzle of Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, signalling a gloriously outgoing phase that can take you through the midwinter celebrations to the entertainments of next year. Sagittarius, a kindred fire sign, is about both geographical and philosophical exploration; outdoor treks, travel, fierce expositions on truth and beauty. Also strong in the mix, thanks to Venus, are romantic adventures and attractions that happen swiftly enough even for impatient Rams.

Inescapable good-byes and kicks in the gut, so to speak. For effective dates and astro-locality target zones, see the forecast. And the headlines. Think Brexit, Venezuela, worldwide trade and financial maelstroms and other tailspins, for example. See the end of the free March forecast for starters. For a more complete picture, see pp. We haven't seen anything like this since the days of the Byzantine Empire, my friends. Both of those big shakers came with tsunami watches.

Have your emergency kit ready to hand, just in case. As I wrote on page 25 in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights , "I suspect that the March 21 full SuperMoon will end up marking one of the most destructive storm and seismic shock windows of the year.

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This one is accompanied by a couple of aggravating factors, including Mercury Max and a tight Saturn-Pluto conjunction within just a few degrees of being partile. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Check your chart: these are the degrees emphasized by this last full SuperMoon of the year. When I created and defined the term forty years ago, it was addressed to my fellow astrologers only. But since a new moon is invisible, it gets ignored by the media. The media also ignore for the most part the geophysical dimensions of SuperMoon as I originally defined it; i.

Cancer Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

For more on this year's SuperMoons, see pp. I managed to get the free February forecast up and running last week. This is more geomagnetic than geophysical per se, so look for disturbances in electrical and electronic systems including the human nervous system ; auroral displays, radio outages and the like are typical under such conditions. Have your backups and backup plans ready! Sun-Mercury-Earth alignments always point to a heightened potential for solar disturbances, leading to geomagnetic storms here on our home planet.

For the lowdown on this year's Mercury Max, see pp. This time around, that works out to February See my forthcoming free February forecast for more on this. Incidentally, that February solar disturbance window includes the February 13 Mars-Uranus conjunction : another sign of electromagnetic volatility here on Earth. I have learned of a half-dozen instances of non-delivery so far, thanks to concerned clients. They have all been resolved now. So please, do let me know! Thanks for your patience. As described in my January forecast and in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights , this is a sign of greater frequency and intensity for storms and moderate to severe seismic activity.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of my creation of the concept. Again, check your chart. I take pride in offering my free monthly forecasts, and in the positive responses I get in return. But I do have an obligation to my paying clients to prioritize them, and tend to the pro bono offerings afterwards. All the prepaid email deliveries went out at close of business here on December Check your chart, incidentally. If you have notable emphasis on the middle of any of the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn , the January 6 eclipse is likely to be an especially significant timing signal in your life.

As described in my December forecast , "The last storm and seismic stress window of the year is two-fold, associated with the full moon and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on December 22 in effect from the 19th through the 25th , and the coming January 6 solar eclipse with its wider December January 13 shock window. Next week brings more. Granted, ordinary new and full moon alignments generally pale in significance compared to SuperMoons and eclipses.

But they are not to be ignored. Planet Earth has rocked and rolled in rhythm with the Sun and Moon for billions of years. We get the latter next month, with a perihelion partial solar eclipse on the 6th and a SuperMoon total lunar eclipse on the 21st. Expect a new round of extreme tides, storms and seismicity. Meanwhile, the geopolitical and financial drama looming on the horizon is accelerating, as we come into the New Year.

See the forthcoming World Forecast Highlights for the historic nature of the celestial configurations reaching out from years in the past right into next year and beyond. Consider the January 6, partial solar eclipse. This time around, keep your eyes peeled for that December January 13 shock window.

This will be no ordinary eclipse. The eclipse is sandwiched between at the midpoint of the tightening Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Such a confluence of celestial shaping speaks of a magnified pattern of geocosmic disturbances. This is more than a geophysical harbinger. The involvement of Saturn and Pluto nearing conjunction and the waning squares of Mercury-Mars and Jupiter-Neptune speaks of political and financial disturbances as well. Heads of state, corporate heads and faith leaders are all suitably nervous under patterns like this. And for good reason. For a fuller treatment, see the full version of my World Forecast Highlights.

There are a host of patterns suggesting that the President will not be able to stand for election in , because of what happens in In closing, and in response to questions and comments from friends, clients and colleagues. There are a whole lot of reasons for this. For one thing, national horoscopes are not a reliable dataset. Astrologers have made conscientious historical and astrological arguments for each and every one of these. Seriously, need I say more? In my work, following the practice of Mesopotamian astrology reaching back millennia, I always look to connections between history and important celestial events, such as eclipses and major planetary alignments long term hard aspects.

I see these as signposts directing the forecasting process.

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Only then did I examine connections to their natal charts to flesh out the details. Consider Nostradamus, whose astrological approach never used the charts of nations or national leaders, but only celestial events per se: "Understanding created by the intellect cannot be acquired by means of the occult, only by the aid of the zodiac, bringing forth that small flame by whose light part of the future may be discerned. So this week begins just the first shock window closes, and just a couple days before the final one begins.

This results in a burst of extra storm and seismic activity, and greater or lesser disturbances in all kinds of electromagnetic fields. This is not a positive indicator for the global economy, to put it mildly. And it melds into a couple of eclipses again, January and July along the way, magnifying its significance in the course of events.

Years like this one, when the economy is the big story, are times to be frugal and defensive rather than daring. Focus on the return of your investment, rather than the return on your investment. And the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction plays an important part in the story. There have been only two such T-Squares in the last 15 centuries: and CE. See my World Forecast Highlights. For more on the meaning of Mars Max , see pp in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights. Every Max cycle includes five critical points, the beginning and end being two of them. This means that November 30 to December 6 are the last gasp for Mars Max and all its ultraviolent extremes.

Good riddance! You can figure that miscommunications, misunderstandings and miscalculations will play a big part in the Mars Max-associated fires, crashes, clashes and explosions early this month. Bioelectric networks too, such as the human variety. You'll find details on the Mars and Mercury Max cycles this month, and what they mean for us individually and collectively, in my December forecast.

The extended shock window for solar eclipses, as I have written for many years, is seven days either side of the exact alignment. And finally, another reminder for clients new and old who may be thinking of ordering any of the personal reports I offer. This year, it has overwhelmed me; to the point that I can accept no more report orders or new clients until January I apologize for the delay. As a double Capricorn, I like to be busy. I do have a colleague whom I respect personally and professionally, who has kindly offered to take on my overflow in this busy time.

The " Freaky Friday " toll for ended up with only eight bank closures in the US - the lowest number of failed banks shut down by the FDIC in years. The first " Freaky Friday " casualty of - the first, in fact, since October 2, - finally arrived on March 11, when North Milwaukee State Bank got the axe from federal regulators. The total number of bank closures for settled at five on September 23, when Allied Bank in Mulberry AR bit the dust. So the total for was a little lower than that for I suspect that the era of wholesale bank closures crested and passed, with the dawn of the Venus Max cycle in January of Granted, we did start that year with a bank closure on the day after the Venus Max cycle began, when Harvest Community Bank was shuttered on January 13 in Pennsville NJ.

Next, after very nearly six whole months, the seventh bank closure of the year took place on October 13, when The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Argonia, KS was shuttered, and then the Washington Federal Bank for Savings in Chicago was shut down on December 15, There wasn't a single bank closure in all of , and we managed to get almost halfway through before the next one took place: the Enloe State Bank on May As I wrote here years back, "as central banks attempt to normalize interest rates, failing banks will become even rarer.

So far, I have doubled my money on Bank of America shares. And as I first wrote several years ago, the landslide days of bank closures are behind us. The fact remains that the US and global financial system is a bubble the central bankers and finance ministers are struggling to keep alive by whatever means available.


Full Moon February – Freedom! – Astrology King

The thing is, we're just now turning the corner in the first Depression of the 21st Century. Recovering to the salad days of yore will only come well after the Air Trigonalis Great Chronocrator. To play along at home, see the FDIC website. All of which comes as no surprise, if you've been following my forecasts. First we have to get past the financial maelstrom associated with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in It won't bring down the global financial system all at once like a house of cards, but it will set the whole structure slipping and shaking.

The early signs have already appeared, since Saturn and Pluto first got to within a few degrees apart in the spring of I've been saying since to expect an easing of the bank failings for a time, and likewise a moderation in the unemployment rate here in the States - again, for a time. Speaking of which, the latest stats put the official US unemployment rate at 3. That's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick: 3. The official 21st Century US unemployment rate bottomed out at 4.

I figure US bank balance sheets will look fairly decent for a while - consolidating to the upside for a change, after years of Fed cultivation. See the complete version of my World Forecast Highlights for a longer range look into the future. Orders may be mailed in see address below , or phoned in toll-free from anywhere in North America to ASTRO-1 ; and charged to any major credit card.

PayPal orders may be placed direct from your own PayPal account page to rnolle astropro. Details for ordering the edition are on the same page. In closing, here's an invitation to get immediate updates usually at least daily on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Regulars know that Astropro gets updated at least weekly, and sometimes several times a week. Sending updates to Facebook and Twitter takes a lot less of my time - no HTML coding to worry about - so I can do it far more frequently there.

If you'd like a quick take on what's happening - including what I'm doing in the markets - and it doesn't require a personal consultation, you can always find out what's on my mind astrological and otherwise via those two social networks. If you missed the action and the profits on my Dow and euro shorts, share purchases etc. Please do let me know you're responding to this invitation, should you send a Facebook friend request. I ask because I've had a few spam or phish-type requests.

If you mention my website or this invitation, you qualify for a presumption of virtue. Otherwise, unless you're already a friend, a friend of a friend, or client or colleague, please don't be offended if I ask for something to put your request in context. It's really precious to have the odd bubble-headed bleach blonde offer to send pix of herself in her precious new undies if I friend her, but I really don't have time to go phish.