Mangal grah astrology

Dissatisfied marriage life is also seen due to manglik problem. Delay in marriage also occurs due to mangal dosha. Lack of passion and ambition also seen in the person having weak mangal. Person become inactive in life due to weak mangal. Debt problems also arises due to mars malefic effect. Mangal Shanti Pooja: So to avoid the problems related with mangal in life it is good to proceed for mangal shanti pooja, mangal upasana mangal yagya, mangal fast etc.

This pooja will make the person free from chronic diseases, debt problems, blood problems, blood pressure problems etc.

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Mangal pooja also helps to keep the mind stable and also gives creativity to the person. Mangal Shanti Can Be Done In Various Ways: By chanting the mantra and donate the things of mangal on tuesday helps to reduce the malefic mangal effects. By mahamangal shanti prayog for this an experienced astrologer will help you.


This is also good for people with Mangal Dosh, or people who have a problematic married life. If you have anxiety or feel lazy, then sprinkle some lemon juice on parsnips mooli and eat that. It will make your body and mind better. Another special problem that happens is that you may have problems with muscles and you may not even be able to understand the cause of the problem.

You also feel a lot of anxiety and pain all over the body. This may happen after marriage or after giving birth.

This issue is specially prevalent among people with Mangal Dosh. If you have a lot of pain in your muscles , then you need to repent some actions of previous life. This can be done by taking care of animals, birds, stop eating non-vegetarian food, and share some portion of your food with the poor. Offer some milk a few drops is enough to the root of the " bargad " tree and put a tilak of its dirt on your foreheads, while asking your god to help you in your problems. This should be done by both husband and wife to reduce tensions between each other. If your nails are going bad due to some deficiencies causes by Mars, palpitations, blood issues, or cholestrol , then throw a couple of sweet "batasha" in flowing river.

If Mars is negative, then you can also throw jaggery and sesame seeds in the river. If the water is not flowing, then put these items next to the river after touching them with water. Taken an earthen pot suraahi in Hindi , put some fennel seeds saunf in Hindi and bury them in some unknown place. This will resolve your bodily problems.

If you're taking medicines, then continue that too. Fill some honey in an earthen pot and bury it at a cemetery - it should be done by both the man and woman who are experiencing problems in getting married or in their married life. If you're fighting a lot due to bad Mars due to anger, anxiety, liver problems , then throw gm of "revari sweets" in flowing water. Put a vessel full of water near your head before sleeping and then use that to water your plants in the morning. This is especially good for lazy and fearful people. You will definitely have problems in your married life, if your Mars is not strong.

To alleviate at least some problems, never indulge yourself in luxury. Donate food to young girls, below 8 years old. Wear copper instead of gold. Take care of a cow that has no horns. Stay away from meat and alcohol - not only that you won't consume it, but you should not even be around an area where these are consumed. Never take someone's pen for free - even as gift - give them a return gift for sure. Take blessings of a widow , ideally this woman should be a good and honest person.

Finally, if Mars is weak, never ever have any illicit or friend like relationship with people from the opposite sex. For instance, men with a negative Mars should not have any relationship with anyone from the opposite sex except their mother, sister, daughter, wife or a serious love.

Similarly, women with a weak Mars should not have any relationship with any man who is not their father, brother, son, husband or a serious love. Are your nails getting brittle? Do you get tired easily? Do you feel like your body makes too much phlegm? Do you get a lot of gas in your body? Do you eat irregularly? Did your problems increase after marriage?

Was there a delay in your marriage or are there many problems in your married life? Are you married and still have some romantic relationship with someone else? Did you fall in love many times, but did not succeed in any? Do you have a lot of ego in you? Do you have a sign of some injury on your forehead or face? Do your shoulders lean forward?

Do you feel like you don't have much energy in your body? Do you have problem with blood circulation or lack of blood in the body? Do you suffer from headaches? Is your liver weak? Do you experience indigestion often?

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Do you get into accidents a lot or get hurt a lot - from falling or small accidents? Do you have good relations with the men in your family? Is you daily routine erratic? Symptoms of negative Mars on your hand: Index finger - if the meat on this finger is plump, then you will have Mars related problems. Now look at the back of your palm: If between the flesh between thumb and index finger is plump and looks raise, then you will have problems related to your head, neck and shoulders. Care for a cow that doesn't have horns.

Don't wear or use red. If Mars is weak, then offer some water with sugar to the Sun everyday. Don't eat rich food. Mustard seeds sarson - take its churna 3x a day for benefits to the heart Amla - take its churna If you keep getting ill due to Mars - then donate 5 utensils made of copper on a Tuesday to the poor - do this a few times a year. If you're able to control your anger, then you won't get problems from Mars. If you donate sweets or sugar , then this makes Mars give good results.

You need to improve your relations with your brother s to improve your Mars. Do not gossip. Feed sweets to birds. Do tilak of sindoor on Hanuman on Tuesdays. Always make chappatis by first sprinkling some water on the utensil you make the chappatis on.

आपको चौंका देंगे मंगल ग्रह के शुभ और अशुभ प्रभाव -

Never have a tandoor or fireplace in the home. Be respectful to religions and religious texts. Keep doing some religious activities from time to time. Keep laughing to keep Mars strong. I am suffering from married life quarrels, land loss, mental stress, professional growth is not there.

Planet Mangal Dosha Remedies, Nivaran and Effects

I am going through Mars dasha and moreover Shani sade satis. It will be help for me if you can suggest remedy. Tenth me mangal kaise hai Mithun lagna ha.. Pls tell.