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Khurrana, which he attains in astrology.

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He was very responsive and answered all my queries clearly. Khurrana is a kind, earnest, and a great astrological personality. I recommend him to everyone who is interested in knowing about their accurate horoscope. The celebrity astrologer P. Khurrana is the best Indian Vedic Astrologer I ever met. A down to earth personality with a great knowledge in astrology, he is the one who makes accurate predictions. Highly recommended! Whether you are facing problems related to health, career or finance then P.

Khurrana is a one-stop solution for all the problems. I really had a great experience with him as he helped me in solving all my problems. Thanks for the great help! The analysis he made for my problems came true and suggested the remedies, which helped me to cope up with the problems. Khurrana for doing in-depth analysis regarding my horoscope. He was quick in responding to all my queries and answered. Khurrana is the only astrologer on whom one can rely when it comes to making accurate predictions.

As whatever predictions he makes turn out be true every time. Khurrana for reading my horoscope. He read my horoscope with proper attention. I really liked his services and highly recommend him who want to know about Jyotish Vidya. I find P. A down to earth personality who guides you well and never take make wrong predictions.

He is just extraordinary. I highly recommend P. He is warm, highly articulate and most definitely, empowering. Khurrana is an extremely compassionate and intuitive soul. I am thankful to have found him. There are no words to describe P. He is a talented astrologer with a truly divine personality. Khurrana is not only a great astrologer, but also an eminent personality. He is very different from other astrologers as he listens to your queries carefully and guides you with a complete accuracy. I want to thanks P. Khurrana from the bottom of my heart as he is the one who helped me out when I was facing the hardest phase of my life.

With his guidance and Astro teachings, I was able to cope up with the problems I was facing. Really had a great experience with P. Khurrana is a wise and inspiring personality. For many years I have been reading his books, which has influenced me a lot. I love reading his books as they make me feel positive every time. The psychic tuning that I felt with P. Khurrana was so powerful that it changed my way of thinking. The positive energies I received from his sessions was really amazing as it gave a new pathway to my life.

Khurrana is a great astrologer and personality. He provided me with an overview of everything that has happened in my life and what will going to happen.

He empowered me to take the right step for my future. My experience with him was amazing. Khurrana is the best astrologer in India. He is very down to earth personality and talks very politely. No matter, what problem you are having he has the solution for all your problems. Khurrana the most genuine astrologer. He not only showed me the right path through his astro tricks, but also motivated me to work for the future and not to depend on astrology only. He is a great man! I have no words to describe the brilliance and intelligence of P.

He listens to your queries so well that you get the solution to the problem in no time. He is great. Without any doubt, P. Khurrana is the most knowledgeable and talented astrologer. Even more, he is not only simple, but also a divine personality. It is my pleasure to recommend P. I am amazed with his predictions.

All his predictions are overwhelming and amazing. Khurrana is a very soft spoken astrologer. He answered all my questions with accurate predictions. He is very intelligent and answers all your queries instantly. He answered all my Apart from his excellence in astrology, I admire P. Khurrana because he is very talented and kind hearted person. My words are less to express my gratitude towards him. I really recommend him to all who are looking for accurate astrology.

I still remember the time when I was going through the toughest phase of my life. Where I had lost all my hope there P. Khurrana was the only person who helped me. He gave me a solution for the problems. Khurrana is really a miracle man. Khurrana is not only the best astrologer but also a very helpful person I have ever met. Apart from astrology, I have learnt a lot from him.

He is really a pure soul. Khurrana for the continuous guidance he has given to me during the toughest period of time. At every phase, he encouraged me so well and motivated me to fight with the problems that no one else can do. Really grateful! I have been visiting sir for the last 10 years and whatever I have achieved till today is just because of sir and I really respect him and treat him as my father. Famous Celebrity Astrologer P. Khurrana Available in Mumbai from 20th to 22nd April, Astro India is envisioned by P.

Author of 30 books related to astrology and renowned as a celebrity astrologer, P.

Khurrana is an eminent personality and benefactor of mankind. He is considered as the best celebrity astrologer in India for making the accurate predictions. Aries 6th November A mysterious, dreamy, or hypersensitive mood comes over you. You may want to retreat from mundane life into some beautiful music or escapist literature. Getting back into the work routine may be a bit difficult. Too many irons in the fire could leave you feeling disorganized. Cancer 6th November You could get off to a slow start this morning, but momentum will build throughout the day.

Libra 6th November Your love life will be smooth sailing and spending time together is high on your list of priorities. Capricorn 6th November Taurus 6th November You can make some clear decisions about where you are headed or what the next step to achieve. Do not judge others by appearances. A wrong assessment can put you in trouble.

Relax, lighten up and celebrate life. Leo 6th November Your career, reputation, and most important personal goals receive a boost. Start donating kheer on Mondays to stop any quarrels or problems with your mother. If you feel a lot of pain in your body , then tie a cotton thread of any color on both your feet's big toes in such a way that it is not too tight, nor too loose. Your pain should slowly subside. If you aren't able to save money - put a shammi tree's root in an iron container and close it tightly. Keep this in your treasure.

It will prove beneficial in helping you increase your savings. If your investments in the stock market aren't yielding good results , start keeping shri yantra of kuber yantra with you and worship it everyday. You should also do ratri-sukt or shri-sukt paath regularly.

If you live very close to the jail , it causes negative effects on you. As remedy, donate a coconut which has water in it to Bhairav Baba mandir or place it under a peepal tree, then break it and offer it to people and also eat it yourself. This should be done for as long as you live near the jail.


Quick Astrological Remedies by Pawan Sinha

Drink some water about 10 minutes later and you will feel full. If someone dear to you is angry with you because of something you did, make ink from saffron, turmeric, white and red sandalwood powder. Make a pencil from pomegranate wood and use that with the ink you created to write the person's name on a piece of paper. Write the name 11 times and place it in front of your God 11 times a day for 43 days. If God desires, that person will come back into your life.

If you're having troubles changing your job , start worshipping the Sun and throw a copper coin in flowing water for 43 days. This will get rid of obstacles and will allow a good change.

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Some people start crashing or hitting into things , if this is happening, eat an orange each day and start donating milk on Mondays. For people who keep getting cold and cough even in a slight change in temperature : take some black pepper, small "peepal", a little bit of "ajwain", dried pomegranate skin, and some jaggery gud. Grind all of them and turn them into powder.


Due to the gud, all can be easily moulded into round balls. Suck of these throughout the day. This will gradually get rid of the cold issues. If you feel heaviness in your stomach , which makes you not want to eat - add a tablespoon of triphala powder in a glass of water at night and drink it in the morning after straining it. This will give you energy and make you feel lighter. Otherwise, if you like munakka, then start eating about 4 munakka which had been pre-soaked in milk. Another remedy is to add a spoon of honey to a cup of water, stir it and then drink it.

All of these will help will you become stronger. This should prove helpful. This will help your reputation - something which should remain positive when you are at a high rank. If you have some kind of vani-dosh , take 3 beads from the kamala-gatta bead and wear them around your neck. Do the mantra "om saraswatyay namaha".

To bring about prosperity in the home , keep kuber yantra and worship it regularly. If a child has problems studying , then have him meditate for at least 5 minutes in front of Maa Saraswati. Whenever you feel unstable in your career - fill 5 copper containers with some sweets made of besan and donate them on a Sunday - do this for 11 Sundays. People whose mind line and life line do not run together on the palm usually take their decisions on their own without any consideration for whether the decision will be in accordance to others.

If the gap between the 2 lines is big, it causes problems in one's married life. As a remedy, such people shouldn't wear much of red colored clothing, donate sweets batasha on Tuesdays, and wear a silver chain around their neck to keep Venus positive.

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If you have too much pain in the body, stop eating very cold and sour things. Do not sleep till late and also do not sleep in the time period from afternoon till evening. If the relations between the husband and wife are deteriorating , then they should stop eating bananas and instead plant a banana tree together on a Thursday once a month. If you have ulcers in the mouth , then apply some glycerine on them. If the ulcers are mature, then apply cow's ghee on them. If you keep getting ulcers, then stop eating cold and sour things and start drinking more water, make sure you eat within an hour after sunset - don't eat late in the night, don't eat food that's too hot, and start drinking liquorice tea.

If you get allergies during the winter season, then take some "aamba" turmeric and make small pill-like balls of it by mixing it with a bit of water. Take 2 of these on an empty stomach in the mornings. It should help. This is so the electronic items don't cause any problems and the child becomes more sensible. If you have pain in your legs , one of the causes could be gas in the body. Do take some ajwain and hing regularly and also apply ajwain oil on your legs.

If you dream of animals in your dreams - especially if you see animals that are carnivorous - like lions, then that's a good sign. If you see animals like deer who are running around, then you need to be careful. Animals that roar but don't do anything to you in your dreams, show that you will succceed in your endeavors. If you have pain in your bones during winters then apply sesame seed oil and then take shower. This may be related to high uric acid levels hyperuricemia too so make sure you get some medical advice if the pain persists. If your siblings keep getting angry with you, then donate red clothes to them or to your aunt father's sister.

Offer supari to lord Ganesha if you have any confusion about your caree r and ask your isht for a solution to the problem you're having. You can also pray to kuber yantra or the mahalaxmi or shri yantra if you wish. If you experience a lot of headache during the winters , add some ginger pieces and black pepper powder to honey eat this mixture frequently, it should prove helpful. If your left eye keeps twitching , then donate some cooked food to a poor person and pray to your God to get rid of the upcoming problem so you don't have any bad effects from it.

People who feel very cold in the winters and very hot in summers may be anemic, but they can do an astrological remedy too. They should do some donations on Purnamaasi; sit in front of the Moon and chant "om shram shreem shrom sah chandramasay namah". Also, they should pray to the Sun every morning and only then go about their daily activities. Doing pranayam and anulom-vilom will also be very beneficial. They should also eat honey and dalchini regularly. Do you keep getting hurt? Leave a comment First Name. Last Name. Very interesting, thanks :.

Sir, where ever i work , my immediate boss is not happy with my performance every time. I lost my phone last year and this year i lost money ,someone stole it from the bag kept inside my bag. I dont have money to spend rest of the month now,please suggest me with some remedy which will give results soon. Guruji I have been out of work since 2 yrs and going through a very tough time professionally and personally please help me and advice some remedies. I want to sale a heavy industrial machine. How to sale quickly as soon as possible please tell any remedies.

Pranaam Guruji, Mera dob 28 July time : Ya koi bussiness kare agar kare to kaunsa karna chahiye. Hello, I need an instant remedy for gyanec problem. Hello sir i kept my husband wedding ring somewhere and I forgot it. Pls help me how will I get back that Sir having problem in my career stability please tell what to do. My self anubhav I am not able to get any success in my work place.

My relationship with my wife Is impacting as well Can u please help. Dear Sir.. Your remedies are so effective and I just want your suggestion on my problem and it is that my husband is very a angry person.. So how I can reduce and improve my husband's anger and language. Can u please advise me when will I get divorce from my husband?

Please reply via email. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you very much. Any tantra or totka to stop fighting in kids. Pls tell remedy to get child more then a year we r trying but failed to conceived kindly tell some remedy to conceive. Pranam guruji! My name is Priyanka. MY Dob is Time am Place- lehragaga Sangrur-Punjab. I have been trying for job for many months, didn't get any job. Pls guide me for the job as well as for business if I can do.

In case yes, wat business I can go for.

if Shah denies Sikhs Demands, What Sukhbir will do ? --To The Point -- KP Singh -- Jus Punjabi

Regards Priyanka. What is the solution for burning cloth. Please tell me when my job, money problem solve? Can I get good job? Or win lotto. Hello sir namastey I m working in bank and preparing for UPSC and this is my first and last attempt do many hurdles I m facing while preparation guide me with remedies will I qualify exam my skin is also becoming acne prone and pigmented and hair growth issues are also there pls give me remedies Name PurnimA Dob time evening 4 pm. Guru Ji, Please help me. When will i get a job i am going through many hardships. DOB dec 21, Please help me guru ji.

Guru ji salam You say not take a salt in friday. Its extra sslt or including curry sal pls advice. I have performed Rudraabhishek Puja and having pearl ring in my ring finger, i have also weared Horse shoe ring in middle finger daily going to Shiv temple and Saturday lighting the diya under Peepal tree and Shani temple. Guruji please advice me so that i can look after my family and full fill their all demands, My wife is not happy with me because she demands a monthly money in a way I need to pay EMI to some loan, no miss no adjustment.

Guruji what can i do to bring peace in my married life and increase my earnings. Thanks Sachinn. My husband fights a lot sir Makes a mountain out of a mole He stops talking from 3 to 4 months Namaste Guruji , I am Praveen kumar. I request you to kindly help me Very very valuable information.. Sir my 20 yr old son is not obeying me often angry with me not talking to me not valuing me. I'm so worried what can I do plz help me. Sir I am facing hairloss since a decade now, my hair r small and very less and frizzy.

Is there a remedy that I can follow. Pranam guru ji mere ghr m electronic items bahut jldi jldi khrab hoti h kya karu??

Rahu ka samadhaan karo. Do a search on the site for the word Rahu and you will get the relevant articles that deal with it. What to do if child is not getting success in education even after lot of effort. Sir g, I want to ask you about my friends marriage. When it will take place?

It will be a love marriage or arrange?