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There seems to be a theme of loss, abuse and pain. These people seem to triumph over adversity. The feeling from the whole set up seems to be a desperate need to make things right. Thereus can be a bit too eager to prove how butch he is, just like some women can go completely overboard with mothering Ceres or peacemaking Venus.

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These extremes of polarity and disconnection are an ongoing human dilemma. The centaurs are yet another expression of the divided soul.

Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo – The Final Act

As a centaur, Thereus seems to show the widest gap between the two sides, but they are also very clear-cut. This is generally a really lucky star giving glory, riches, fame and happiness. But with the Moon, Rigel really stinks! BUT… here is the big but. Ceres brings the much needed balance. Nature corrects herself.

The Moon rules the public. Read, injures to our technological chattels perhaps? Ceres steps in to break the circuit, the TV transmissions that keep us asleep. The incessant buzz of technology and Wi-Fi is off so our brains can switch ON.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020

Rigel is on the foot, the part that was stung by the Scorpion. Legend has it that Gaia the goddess of the earth sent the Scorpionic punishment because Orion boasted he could exterminate all the creatures on earth. At your work place, be alert. You may be a victim of forgery or cheating and dishonesty.

2019 Eclipses Astrology Predictions and Tips For Using This Energy

Mental depression and decrease in fame is seen. So you must be alert all the time, in every action of yours.

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Be very specific with your financial decisions. Libra: This is not good time for you. Be sure of caring for your health. Also take care of safety during using transport vehicle.

Scorpio: A mixture of result is seen. Relation with life-partners may get affected.

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  • You may suffer from financial losses. Maintain mental balance.

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    Stay away from undesirable tension. You must be logged in to post a comment. Un-necessary expenditure and travel may take up your pocket.