Leo february 28 horoscope

You are steadfast and persistent in your career pursuits, as your house of career is overlooked by Taurus. With rebellious Uranus entering Taurus on March 6 , after being in Aries for the past seven years, you can expect some innovation in your typically traditional career approach. Uranus is the planet of innovation, and with this freewheeler at the top of your chart, you'll earn recognition for being different. The new moon in Pisces also on March 6 presents a new start for your sex life.

Leo daily horoscope - 12 November 12222

With renewed trust in others, you can enjoy yourself much more. Pleasure peaks. That's not the only thing to look forward to this month: For the majority of March, you'll find yourself linking up with people who enjoy going out on quirky dates, thanks to Venus in Aquarius. When Venus moves into Pisces on March 26 , courtship gets more serious, with a focus on cultivating trust through a deep, nearly spiritual, intimate connection.

The break of spring invites independent study and sharing your ideas with the world in a way that broadens your horizons. A full moon in Libra on the same night highlights your relationships with lifelong friends, who feel more like family at this point. Relationships with your siblings will also be highlighted during this lunar event. However, you'll be motivated to be more active in your community after Mars enters Gemini on March Don't give up on unexpected prospects or useful acquaintances, and carefully sort out all the information you have received.

There is a chance that the events of today will give you professional success or open ways leading to material abundance. Many Aries today will have to roll up their sleeves and get to work. There is a risk that you have to replace one of your partners. It is also a possibility that your personal issues may be dumped on to another person. You may also experience fundamental disputes with a close family member or household differences with your spouse. A real outlet for you can be found in communication with younger relatives.

You may also enjoy water treatments and walks in the fresh air. Taurus, February 28 is a good day for you to forget about unsolved problems. In all likeliness, attempts to eliminate your problems will bring you insufficient results. You should humbly accept adverse circumstances, give up frivolous initiatives, and allow yourself to go along with the flow of life.

There is a chance that this current will take you to where you didn't plan to be. Lack of initiative is not welcome in your personal affairs. Having noticed attention from a long-time crush, act without delay. For many Gemini, this day will bring you emotional relaxation. Perhaps some of your old problems will be eliminated or you will finally see hope through a difficult issue. Much of these solutions will probably depend on you. Act in accordance with your circumstances, and do not allow rudeness and deceit into your behavior. Do not be too frank with people whom you trust completely.

Be careful on the road, especially when driving someone else's vehicle.

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Cancers today are not allowed to act capriciously, like a child. This is especially true with regard to career and business.

Capricorn daily horoscope – February 28 | Yasmin Boland

There is a possibility that a difficult question will be asked to you, and the answer to which will determine the near future. Make decisions quickly and seriously. As for your personal situations, surprises or sensations are almost completely excluded today. Probably, the evening will hold an argument in the company of a loved one. Leos on this day are contraindicated online dating, spontaneous acquisitions, and tiresome trips.

Probably, the state of your health will not be at its best, and this must be taken into account when you are drawing up plans. In the afternoon, a spiritual connection with an unfamiliar person may appear the appearance of a new fan or a fan are possible. It is not recommended for you to put your interests above the interests of your family.

Respectfully communicate with your relatives, especially with older relatives. Virgos, February 28, , can be a little disturbing. This could include problems of domestic or professional affairs. There is also a risk that you will encounter financial deficit which will cause your planned acquisition to fail.

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You should encounter no particular problems in your senses. Those who have a partner will be able to get from them the greatest possible support. Single Virgos can count on heightened interest from the opposite sex. Today, many Libras will have a desire to escape from their problems. If possible, go on a small trip. For some time, in changing your situation, you can get rid of emotional depression and so much more. The probability of meeting interesting acquaintances, making successful purchases, and encountering promising dialogues is high. You might, perhaps, be able to find patrons for your personal creativity.

The evening is recommended to be spent in the community of households.

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Many Scorpios on February 28 will receive a tempting offer. It will probably be connected with professional destiny with the fate of personal business. In your love life, no major changes are foreseen. However, this is a good time to please your romantic partner. Single Scorpios are not recommended to reject emotions from any particular person.

Expensive purchases, tiresome trips, and intellectual disputes are not welcome. For Sagittarius, this day may become something of an oasis. It is highly probable that fate will allow you a break from unsolved problems, service charges, disagreements with close relatives, or internal confusion. This is a good time for you to upgrade your wardrobe, look for a new style, or think about your health.

Avoid unnecessary heroism, and refuse requests asking you to lend even a small amount of cash.

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Some Capricorns today will be able to attract great interest. Most likely, it is in recognition of your professional merit or the growth of your public popularity on the Internet. In personal affairs, you can foresee confusion.

It is important for you not to conceal everything that is going on in your soul. Solve your problems in the course of frank dialogue, and do not be afraid to ask a loved one a question that causes certain doubts. You might find that good luck is possible today in matters related to household purchases.

Aquarius, this day can be a little tiring.

Most likely, the reason for this problem will be apathy that arose without a valid reason.